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I have received a lot of questions pertaining to where should I place my air fresheners in the home for the best results, that is, to maximize the smell’s aroma. The main three factors that will answer this question is the size of the room in your house, wind drafts, and the type of the air freshener be it a warmer, diffuser, scent packs or other devices. These three general rules will hold true for all dwellings whether brick, wood or block cement. Below I will address each factor.

Although it may be obvious that the size of the room in your home matters when placing air fresheners throughout the house, many people over-look this factor simply because the are primarily looking for air freshener design features or some other attribute of the warmer or diffuser. Below is a quick reference to the size of room and it’s corresponding size of warmer or diffuser to use:

* 100 square foot room or less: 100 ml. diffuser or 1 cube wax warmer
* 101 to 400 square foot room: 300 ml. diffuser or 2 cube wax warmer
* 401 to 600 square foot room: 500 ml diffuser or a 3 to 4 cube warmer

For room sizes greater than 600 square feet, you may want to purchase a commercial style air freshener system. A note about essential oils. When looking for great smells in your home choose essential oil blends rather than pure essential oils. Essential oil blends tend to infuse more fragrance for smooth scents throughout the home, and come in a large variety of blended fruits and herbs.

Next, room drafts are a major player in how well an air freshener will “throw’” it’s fragrance throughout a room. Rather the wind draft is hot or cold does not matter. Drafts tend to displace or move the scent out of the room through the nearest exit. Hence, try not to locate your air freshener near doors or windows, and do not locate them near air conditioner or heating vents. There are fragrance systems made for use with central air and heating units. Likewise, do not locate your warmer of diffuser near oscillating fans or ceiling fans. They will also scatter the smell from your air freshener away from the place where fresh aroma is needed. I want to mention a note here about typical hallways. A lot of hallways tend to be long and narrower than rooms in your home, therefore, through personal research, I have found it better to use a table-top warmer of diffuser instead of a plugin if possible. If not, use a medium size wax plugin warmer or a medium sized diffuser. 2 cubes or 100-300 ml respectively. Since the tabletop warmer or diffuser is located down low in the hallway, the heat from the air freshener will rise thus filling the air in it’s wake with great smelling scent. This method takes advantage of one of the basic laws of physics which states that air tends to rise from an area of high pressure below to a lower pressure above.

Although all of the above mentioned type of air freshener products do a great job of making your house smell really good, some types have a greater “throw” than others.  “Throw” is the ability of the air freshener unit to push out it’s scent into the room space.  Wax warmers perform this job well.  Maybe not with the greatest  throw, but you get more “bang for your buck”.  They do a good job of throw and are cheaper than diffusers and fan-forced air fresheners.  Next are diffusers.  They do a great job of throwing the scent into the room but are a bit higher priced than wax warmers.  Lastly, fan-forced air fresheners do a fantastic job of spreading your fragrance over the room.  They are not as expensive as diffusers, but are more pricier than most wax warmers.  Also they are relative new to the scene as of this writing.  Thus, there is limited research on the usage and performance of this type of units.  All of the above are quality style air fresheners and you will be really pleased at each of their performance.

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