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These homemade air fresheners will fill your home with all the fantastic aromas — and cost hardly anything!
1. Keep closets smelling fresh with tea bags.
Tie a few black tea bags to your closet rod and they will soak up the musty odors. You can use cinnamon or vanilla black tea to add a subtle fragrance as well!
2. Add essential oils to pine cones.
Add one or two drops of your favorite essential oil per pine cone, then set them in a decorative basket.
TIP: Bake your pine cones in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees to get rid of any bugs.
3. Make an air freshener with sea salt and citrus rinds.
Scoop out the insides of lemons and limes with a knife or spoon, and fill the halves with sea salt.
Add cloves or fresh herbs for extra scent, then place anywhere you need bad odors absorbed.
4. Make your own room spray with essential oil, vodka and water.
Mix one cup distilled water and 1/2 cup vodka with 10 drops of essential oil and store in a spray bottle. The vodka sanitizes while the essential oil freshens.
No need to spring for the “good stuff” — use the cheapest vodka you can find. It all works the same for this.

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