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A long debated question in the air freshener industry is which scent(s) last the longest.  Well here is the correct answer.

First scents are divided into 3 catagories called “notes”.  The top note,, note 1 are the most intensed but is the shortest lasting of all the air freshener scents.

These are all the citrus scents like orange, lemon, lime and the alike.

Next are the note 2 fragrances which include floral and berry scents like gardenia, rose, blackberry and strawberry.  They are smoother smelling but are not as intense as note 1.  However, they last longer than note 1.

Finally, note 3 or bottom notes include woody,suede, and foods scents. Includes vanilla, perfumes, and men woody-suede frangrances.  They smell smooth and last the longest.

There you have it.  Have fun choosing the right scent for you!  Ideally,  you should try to select airfreshener scents that smell good to you and have a mixture of the “notes” for intensity, smoothness, and lasting power.  “Follow your nose”

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