About Us

We specialize in nothing but the best home and car air fresheners. All products carry a lifetime warranty and are hand crafted and hand air-blown for quality. Here you will find only the best air fresheners online, both safe and non-toxic and organic. We carry well over 80 unique scents for bulb warmers, diffusers, bath tablets, purse and wallet airfresheners, laundry and washing air fresheners, essential oils made of natural ingredients, and much more. All scents contain no neuro toxins which are harmful to humans and pets. Unique Best air fresheners for home and cars…. Safe for children and pets, organic.

About airfreshair.com and purpose

The purpose here at airfreshair.com is to provide the customer with quality air freshener products, a wide variety of scents, and a lifetime warranty with satisfaction guaranteed. Shop us and compare. We love what we do!.

To provide the customer high quality products, our warmers and holders are hand crafted and glass-ware is air-blown for durability! They are not mechanically mass produced. The manufacturing process involve real people making real products. We love what we do!

We carry over 80 uniquely blended scents. From citrus blends like orange and mango to suede and rose, and fruity scents like blueberry and strawberry, and food scents such as pumpkin spice and peppermint just to name a few! Scents are being constantly added and changed to match the seasons. All scents are organically based and non-toxic to humans and pets!

To further promote a durable line of air fresheer products and accessories, products come with a life-time guarantee! And our retur policy is rivaled by none. also, all products can be ordered online and shipped directly to you!!

We at airfreshair.com love what we do, and that’s to provide the best air freshener products to our customers. Quality and durability is the name of the game, and we love what we do!! Thank you for shopping airfreshair.com. Tell a friend…..

Larry A. Slaughter, website owner, airfreshair.com……